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Young farmers in rural areas

The future of food is in the hands of young farmers, who work to bring regenerative practices and traditional agriculture to disadvantaged rural areas.

As the world becomes more and more urbanised, the need for young farmers in disadvantaged rural areas is greater than ever. Agriculture has always been a livelihood for many people, but it is important to remember that agriculture is not just about food, but about providing for our communities. When we grow our own food and rely on local farmers, we are supporting not only our own health, but also the health of our communities.

There is a growing movement of young farmers choosing to grow their own food, on their own land. Our farmers are choosing to follow the more traditional way of farming, which involves regenerative practices, traditional farming techniques and organic products.

This movement is taking place in rural areas that have been left behind by big business and modern agriculture. Young hard workers like Enrique and Jose, farmers of lemons and oranges in Valle Lecrín. They work hard to restore value to the products we eat and revitalise rural development in disadvantaged communities.

Juan and Xio, Miguel and Anita, seek new opportunities by creating a livelihood in their own land. They ensure that what we eat is as close to its original form as possible, growing their seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes and courgettes, using sustainable practices and eliminating harmful chemicals from our food supply. In this way they help us all to better understand where our food comes from and the value of those products.

From our Farmers Farm project, we are proud to be able to support our young farmers in their efforts to achieve their goals. When you buy their organic products, you not only help us continue our mission to keep the environment healthy, but you also support the local farmers who are doing their part to ensure that we have quality products that taste as good as they have ever tasted.

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