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Winter in the Altiplano

Winter is here and the first snow has fallen on the Altiplano of Granada. This week the first snow of the season fell in the fields of our farmers, and we couldn’t be more delighted.

In the northern part of Granada, droughts are one of the extreme events that cause the greatest economic losses each year and represent a great challenge for our society. It is a common meteorological phenomenon due to our geographical situation. However, the climatic emergency is aggravating this process, as periods without rainfall are becoming increasingly intense and long-lasting.  

“Farmers are experiencing some uncertainty at the start of the year in the countryside”

Maricruz and Joaquín, Anita and Miguel, Juan and Xio, Dani… are some of our young farmers who are dedicated to growing seasonal vegetables, such as tomatoes, courgettes, potatoes, garlic…

All of them have already got their fields ready for winter, having been preparing them and applying regenerative cultivation techniques throughout the autumn and making them ready for the first frosts and the recently arrived snowfalls. The lower temperatures, rain and snow make it easier to prepare the soil to start planting the produce soon.

Meanwhile, our fruit tree growers, such as almond, walnut and pistachio trees, take advantage of this time to carry out pruning and tillage work in their fields, and prepare the trees for the new harvest.

The cold is hard, but it has many advantages for the field and the vegetable garden: it kills pests, preventing them from spreading in spring. The humidity generated by the snow makes it easier for the leaves that have fallen during the autumn to decompose more quickly, providing the soil with all the nutrients that will help our plants to grow in the future.

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