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Vitamin orange for winter

Oranges, lemons, clementines and tangerines are winter fruits. The countryside gives us these delicacies so that we can take care of ourselves in the coldest season of the year.

It’s winter and the body knows it. Low temperatures weaken our defenses and make us more susceptible to colds and flus. Vitamin C is the best ally to strengthen our immune system and is present in the main seasonal fruits: oranges, tangerines and lemons.

Obtaining these citrus fruits through local trade is really difficult for many European countries as they are only grown in tropical climates, such as southern Spain. Thanks to the awareness of sustainable food and initiatives of direct trade “Farm to Table”. organic fruit grown in the Mediterranean is regaining its value. What’s more, at Farmers Farm we have the privilege of having Jose y Enriquetwo young citrus growers from the Lecrin Valley, whose oranges, lemons and tangerines have their own name and a seal of quality recognized worldwide.

At the Farmers’ Farm our raison d’être and for the farmers and artisans the seed of this social project is, in addition to achieving a fair price for farmers and artisans, to bring you home seasonal organic products, sustainably grown through regenerative agriculture. Also we try to raise awareness about sustainability in food production and consumption. Because it is about living in harmony with the seasons and the countryside.

What are the best months to consume citrus fruits?

This year’s citrus season looks to be excellent. Help Jose and Enrique so that none of their oranges, lemons and tangerines stay on the tree. They harvest the fruit just when your order is about to be shipped, so that it arrives directly to your home, naturally preserving all its freshness and flavor.

Jose’s regenerative oranges

Oranges, of the Washington Navel variety , are harvested from December to May. They are a powerful antioxidant because of the large amount of Vitamin C it contains, so it promotes healing and strengthens the immune system, go the ideal medicine against winter colds. They also help to counteract constipation due to their laxative effect, reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in the body and prevent cardiovascular problems, as well as varicose veins.

Did you know that the orange is the most consumed fruit in the world? Of every two liters of juice consumed per day in the world, one is orange juice.


Enrique’s organic lemons

Lemons, of the Verna variety, also very appreciated to prepare juice, since it has a larger size than other varieties, it is possible to extract a high percentage of juice (around 40%). It is also characterized by having a juicy pulp with little acidity.

Its optimum harvest will start at the end of December and last until early summer.

Among the most beneficial properties of this fruit is its great bactericidal efficacy and its ability to prevent respiratory tract diseases. That is why at this time of the year it is common for people to drink a glass of warm water with honey and lemon every morning. In addition, being rich in citric acid, it helps balance the body’s pH, eliminates toxins, stimulates the liver and relieves heavy digestions, the most natural remedy for heartburn!

Jose’s organic mandarins

The mandarins are clementines grown organically through regenerative agriculture on their small family farm. Its harvest is early, starting in November, and it is a fruit that can be tasted until February.

Known as one of the best natural treats, tangerines have important health properties:

  • They contribute to the formation of antibodies, which helps prevent flus, infections and colds.
  • They are a natural vitamin complex, since they make up for the lack of vitamin C in the plasma caused by some diseases such as rheumatism.
  • As a restorative for athletes, as they contribute to the recovery of minerals and liquids lost during physical exertion.
  • They help to reduce diuretic acid in the body.

At Farmers Farm we invite you to fill your basket with the most delicious and healthy winter fruits.

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