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Sustainable packaging

Sustainability is a transversal value at Granja de los Granjeros. It extends from the root, from the regenerative crops and organic products themselves, to the final moment when the consumer receives them at home in sustainable packaging.

The raison d’être of Farmers Farm is each of the stories of the farmers and artisans who are part of this social project. Stories of effort, courage, rural life, passion for the countryside, commitment, sustainability and fair trade. And from Farmers Farm we try to bring these stories to responsible consumers all over the world through quality organic products presented in personalised sustainable packaging.

“Product innovation is both in its cultivation and distribution”.

If you have already ordered from our Harvest, you know what we are talking about. Once you have chosen which seasonal organic products, grown using regenerative agriculture, you want to receive directly from Farm to Fork, at Farmers Farm we organise the whole logistical process in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.


Greater visual impact, less environmental impact

These handmade products from small family productions will be delivered to your home in natural cotton, jute or glass packaging that you can reuse. They will be well protected in recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes, with a modern self-closing system that eliminates the need for polluting adhesive tape.

In addition, so that our farmers do not lose their leading role in the project, each box is personalised with the story of each farmer. To this end, as part of the packaging, we use personalised labels created using EPSON inkjet technology. We spoke about our sustainable packaging at EMPACK Madrid 2022, Spain’s largest gathering of the packaging and packaging sector.

At Farmers Farm we are well aware of the value of Corporate Social Responsibility. So is a whole new generation of consumers who, in addition to product quality, take into account the social and environmental policies of the businesses they buy from.

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