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Spring and blossoming

Spring is the season of renewal. As soon as winter ends and the sun comes out, we start to feel more optimistic and energetic.

The trees are full of green leaves and the flowers are beginning to bloom, a sign that it is time for those who have hibernated all winter to wake up again. Our minds and bodies are revitalised by the warmth and sunshine, allowing us to enjoy a bountiful harvest of spring fruits and vegetables, colourful flowers and blossoms from our gardens that we can use in the kitchen or as decoration.

Some of the signs of renewal: trees in blossom and bursting with new life, seasonal produce returning to the market and pollination. Almond and cherry blossom trees offer a burst of fragrant pink and white colours against a blue sky, as the sun rises higher and higher in the sky. Temperatures rise as we approach summer, but luckily this time of year also sees the introduction of delicious organic produce to keep us cool.

This season also means we can spend more time outdoors, working with our bees and other pollinators to ensure a healthy harvest. Our young farmers use regenerative practices to ensure our soil has all the nutrients it needs to sustain life and grow strong plants.

“Pollination and almond flowers”

Our beekeeper Diego works hand in hand with his most faithful workers, the bees. He goes to Dani’s almond trees, which are in full bloom, and lets the bees work pollinating the almond trees.

To produce an almond, the almond tree needs a pollen pellet from another compatible variety at the right time. The bee is the only insect that can facilitate cross-pollination of the almond tree by collecting pollen and nectar from the flowers.

The flowering and pollination of the almond tree allows us to enjoy exclusive products with a unique flavour, such as Dani’s almonds and Diego’s pure honey.

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