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Socially responsible

Neither a farmers’ market nor a food marketplace, La Granja de los Granjeros is, above all, a social project for farmers and artisans from the most disadvantaged areas of the Altiplano of Granada.

Local farmers and small producers in these rural areas are the origin and raison d’être of this project. Lives dedicated to work in the fields, stories of people committed to their land, products with their own name.

And, in addition to linking each of these stories with a quality organic and ecological product, at Farmers Farm we also want to extend the concept of sustainability.

  • We strive to care for our environment by supporting producers whose crops are based on regenerative agriculture.
  • We ensure that they obtain a fair price for the fruits of their labor, which also contributes to developing the social economy of the depopulated and disadvantaged rural areas in which they live.
  • Direct trade without intermediaries,
    from Farm to Table
    in addition to fair prices for farmers and artisans, allows us to carry out sustainable logistics, with an efficient shipping system that leaves the smallest possible environmental footprint.
  • And we promote conscious consumption, seasonal products used to the maximum to fight against food waste.

Farmers Farm at the Agro 2022 Awards

The IDEAL newspaper of Granada, CMA Comunicación and Agrobank of Caixabank have focused on our project and have highlighted it in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility in the V edition of the Agro Awards. Here you can watch the gala, held on October 13 at the Palacio de Congresos de Granada.

For all of us at Farmers Farm, the Agro RSC 2022 Award means recognition and support for our work by public institutions, financial entities and the media in Grenada. A great boost to a social project that, although young, is based on experience and has the firm intention of continuing to grow in order to improve the living and working conditions of more people in the rural world.

It is an objective shared with many other initiatives and people who are trying to grow and innovate in this sector. Among them, the other winners of the Agro Awards: Encarnación Gómez in the “Young Farmer” category; the Official College of Technical Engineers for “Excellence in Auxiliary Service”; the Agricultural Cooperative San Isidro de Loja (LOXA), award for “Innovation”; Carmen Guerrero, owner of the farm La Jameña, as “Woman Farmer”, and Roldán Oliva 1895 for its “Great Trajectory” Congratulations!

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