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Welcome to Farmer's Farm

Small super farmers!

Small producers… Big farmers!

Behind every Farmers Farm product there is a story of effort and self-improvement, of craftsmanship, of passion for the countryside. Behind each product there is a name of its own, that of the farmer or local artisan who produces it.

Farmers Farm was created to make small producers living in the most depopulated and unprotected rural areas of the Highlands of Grenada. The main objective of our social project is to give these farmers the opportunity to make a decent living from the fruits of their labour, agriculture and handicrafts.

How are we going to achieve this? By putting our farmers in direct contact with the end consumer, and closing the gap created by trade with intermediaries. This way our farmers and artisans will get a fair price for their products and the consumer will receive the best of each harvest, organic food grown in a sustainable way.

We need your help. We want to create livelihood opportunities in an increasingly neglected rural world, to make a real social impact. And we also want to regenerate the land that sustains us. But we can’t do it alone, so your support is vital to this project.

Products with a name of their own and great stories

Diversity is at the heart of Farmers Farm. At the Farmers’ Farm you will meet young farmers like Jose or Dani to more experienced farmers like Julio. We empower rural women entrepreneurs and we also join other social projects such as the Esperanza Association, which produces preserves and pickles and employs people with functional diversity. We support craftsmen who defend traditional trades, such as the potter Juan. And we are committed to small producers who do an immense amount of work for the rest of the world, such as Diego, who practices regenerative beekeeping and looks after fifty bee hives in the Sierra de Baza.

You don’t know them yet? These are all the farmers and artisans who are part of Farmers Farm:

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