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Welcome to Farmer's Farm

Rural women, seeds of change

At Farmers Farm we value all farmers equally, everyone is the most important part of this project. But on International Rural Women’s Day we align ourselves with other international bodies to empower rural women socially, economically and politically.

Women in rural settings face significant discrimination in terms of ownership, pay, decision-making or access to resources and markets.

Not so at the Farmers’ Farm, where we try to denounce the situations of discrimination and inequality of rural women, improve their training and recognise the important role they play in the stability and development of depopulated and unprotected rural areas.

Craftswomen, entrepreneurs, farmers, ranchers… farmers! At Farmers Farm, rural women may have different last names, but each has a unique and strong name of her own.

Who are the rural women of Farmers Farm?

Starting with the oldest, Carmen, who at 77 years of age weaves handmade bags and baskets to continue collaborating economically with her family and community, a small village in the Baza region with less than 200 inhabitants. On the other side is Anita, a young farmer who has taken over from her family in the production of organic olive oil.

Eli is a biologist but decided to return to her village, Freila, and start her own organic pistachio cultivation. A similar story to Esmeralda‘s except that she came from Santo Domingo to Benalúa de Guadix to grow peaches. Xiomara grows organic tomatoes with her partner, just as Mari Cruz has done all her life in Caniles. His garden is a feast of seasonal organic vegetables.

Mari Carmen represents many rural women who are left “in nobody’s land” by unemployment and age. But she, far from giving up, started her own business of artisanal goat cheese. And for Maria José, chocolates were the job opportunity she needed in Pozo Alcón. A very sweet self-employment with 25 years of experience.

From left to right, Mª José (chocolate artisan), Carmen (crochet artisan), Ana (Asociación Esperanza worker), Esmeralda (peach farmer), Eli (pistachio farmer), Maricruz (seasonal vegetable farmer), Anita (oil and zucchini farmer), Xiomara (pear tomato farmer) and Mari Carmen (cheese artisan).

All of them are a great example that with the right training, recognition and support, women are the seed to change the rural world.

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