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Welcome to Farmer's Farm

Let’s go eco-logical shopping

At Farmers Farm both the products and the packaging in which they arrive are sustainable, natural or reusable. They are eco-logical!

And as at Farmers Farm we are consistent with the value of sustainability and we are committed to applying it in all areas of our social project, in the handicrafts section of our website you can purchase a product that is also packaging and will make your shopping more environmentally friendly. The handmade bags and hand-woven cotton baskets are perfect to take shopping and dispense once and for all with the polluting plastic bags.

They can be used to carry groceries home or to preserve certain foods, such as bread or fruit. Woven with natural materials, such as cotton thread, these handmade bags are unique and personalised because they are handmade. They are very resistant, reusable, easy to clean and beautiful!

Carmen’s handmade bags

But the best thing about these handmade baskets is the person who makes them: Carmen. This 77-year-old entrepreneur has found in crochet the best therapy against depression and the best medicine against arthritis.

At the hardest moment of her life, after being widowed, Carmen started crocheting bags and baskets for her friends and neighbours in Baúl, the small village in the Sierra de Baza where she lives. Thanks to the Farmers Farm social project, she hopes to be able to help the development of her community by selling her handmade bags.

Sense and sustainability

It wouldn’t be eco-friendly or logical to buy sustainably grown food and then take it home in a plastic bag. In addition to Carmen’s handmade bags, at Farmers Farm we make sure that all our shipments have sustainable packaging.

Did you know that 500 billion plastic bags are consumed every year?

In Spain alone, each person uses an average of 144 plastic bags per year, with an average time of use of 15 minutes each. These alarming figures exacerbate the global problem of plastic waste pollution, which, according to environmental organisations, takes between 50 years and four centuries to decompose.

At Farmers Farm, Carmen’s handmade bags close the circle of eco-friendly and socially responsible shopping. And there’s no better time than now to order yours.

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