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Handmade esparto Aventador made by Jose

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Esparto grass is a very resistant and flexible natural fiber, when properly processed, which has been used for thousands of years to manufacture a wide variety of objects. From his workshop in the small village of Canjáyar in the Alpujarra Almeriense, the young craftsman Jose is able to create baskets, carpets, figures…

Being in a wheelchair does not prevent him from picking esparto grass himself and working it following the traditional techniques taught to him by his great-uncle. Once collected, it is spread out and dried in the sun, after which it must be soaked in water to initiate a fermentation process that helps separate the cellulose fibers from the plant. This process usually lasts one month, after which it must be dried again. Finally, the esparto fibers are chopped and “combed”. Jose braids it by hand to make mostly basketry, but also many other decorative pieces for the home and decoration, and even makes his own inks to color them!

Recovering the use of this biodegradable material means relying on traditional craftsmanship to promote a more sustainable and ecological future, free of plastics.

How will they get there?

Your esparto grass winnower will arrive in a box a well-protected box

Would you like to know the history of the esparto grass? Jose – Farmers Farm (

  • Preserve with great care and delicacy.


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