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In summer, seasonal vegetables

Summer is here, the hottest season of the year, and with it we are going to be able to enjoy the seasonal vegetables that our farmers take care of every day.

Green beans, potatoes, tomatoes, courgettes and many more seasonal products are ready for you to enjoy with your family and friends. With the summer just started, the fruits and vegetables that ripen with the heat are consolidated. The garden is full of vegetables ideal for preparing salads and delicious roasted vegetables.

Choosing local and fresh seasonal food is one of the best decisions you can make to improve your diet and it is also the best way to help the environment and the primary sector.

Our farmers work daily in their fields to bring their quality products to our tables.

Maricruz and Joaquín have already started the summer vegetable season, in which potatoes and green beans are their speciality. They work from Monday to Monday, and from very early in the morning they look after and harvest their vegetables, so that they can be delivered directly to all the tables.

Xio and Juan, our young farmers have their pear tomato greenhouses ready to harvest again. The pear tomato is the star product of the summer, salads, gazpacho, cold soups, the ingredient that cannot be missing in any house.

Miguel and Anita continue with their regenerative practices and are preparing to sow courgettes and aubergines for the second year running. Summer vegetables, which are the perfect complement to the Mediterranean diet.

At Farmers Farm we are committed to the consumption of local fruit and vegetables, as well as fair trade without intermediaries.

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