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Welcome to Farmer's Farm

Happy and prosperous New Year!

In May 2022, we presented Farmers Farm, a social project with the aim of giving farmers and artisans, living in depopulated and disadvantaged areas, the opportunity to sell their products at a fair price.

Together with farmers, we are committed to and support regenerative agriculture, farming in harmony with the countryside, trying to return as many of the resources used as possible to the land.

And, in addition to linking each of these stories with a quality organic and ecological product, at the Farmers’ Farm we also wanted to extend the concept of sustainability. Being awarded in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility in the 5th edition of the Agro Awards. Sustainability is a transversal value for us, which is why it accompanies us from the root, from the regenerative crops and ecological products themselves, to the final moment when the consumer receives them at home in sustainable packaging.

🍂  2022 has been a very important year for us, so we say goodbye with a bit of sadness. We have managed to set up a social project that has changed the lives of around twenty farmers and artisans. It has not been easy. But it has been possible thanks to you, who have trusted us and have given us your support by encouraging direct trade with our farmers at a fair price.

🍃 2023 is the year in which we hope to strengthen our roots and grow. We are looking forward to days full of excitement in which we will continue to work hard so that the organic and artisan products of our farmers reach from the Altiplano of Granada to the farthest corners of Europe. Therefore, our greatest wish, which we share with you, is that this new year is full of beautiful stories and wonderful memories with the illusion of living them together.

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