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Xiomara and Juan

Both Xiomara’s and Juan’s families have always made a living from farming, so it is no surprise that this young couple has decided to go into agriculture to make a living.

Their common project was born 4 years ago in Baza, with an organic tomato crop.

After tasting several vegetables and seasonal vegetables, it is the pear tomatoes that give them the best harvests and to them they dedicate their two greenhouses.

This variety is perfect for canning but also for delicious seasonal recipes such as gazpacho, as it ripens and is harvested in the summer months.

Xio and Juan, who have agricultural training as young farmers, are immersed in the organic conversion of their pear tomatoes, a crop that uses only natural products and respects biodiversity.

Wanting to be able to sell their organic tomatoes at a fair price, they are also happy to be part of the Farmers Farm project and inspire other young farmers with their story.

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