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Regenerative agriculture

Anita la Cortijera and Miguel are the best example of the perfect tandem of young farmers. Their drive and vitality are the best defense of the rural world and regenerative agriculture.

Some fallow land in the Altiplano area of Granada inspired them to carry out a vegetable crop rotation, starting with zucchini and eggplants, products that they want to bring to the table of every home through the Farmers’ Farm.

As both are committed to regenerative agriculture practices, they know that it is essential to maintain different types of cover crops on the soil to protect it from erosion, reduce weeds, conserve water or prevent pests, which are common problems in monocultures.

In addition to irrigation, they use natural organic fertilizer from the manure of Anita’s goats. This organic compost allows the soil to retain moisture and increase its fertility.

Both zucchini and eggplants are two very versatile vegetables that can be consumed throughout the year, although their ideal season is summer, after the harvest in August.

Despite the unsustainable situation that farmers are suffering, Miguel and Anita are not afraid of life in the countryside. On the contrary, they are determined to maintain their roots and strive to continue their family’s farming tradition.

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