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Regenerative agriculture

Mari Cruz and Joaquín’s orchard is always alive. With the help of their donkey Benancio, one more in the family, they grow seasonal vegetables on the land of Caniles following the practices of regenerative agriculture.

Both were born and raised in this small town in the Baza region. His life is the countryside. His work begins at sunrise and ends at night, from Monday to Monday, and without vacations. But they are both clear, they wouldn’t change their lives for anything.

Mari Cruz and Joaquín are strong advocates of regenerative agriculture. Potatoes, beans, onions, broad beans, artichokes, melons, watermelons, zucchini, cucumbers… rotate in the garden. What all seasonal fruit and vegetables have in common is that they are organically and ecologically grown.

As part of regenerative farming practices, they protect the vegetation cover of their orchard by minimising tillage. Preserving vegetation on the soil increases rainwater infiltration, which is vital considering that Mari Cruz and Joaquín’s crop is located in the Altiplano de Granada, where the average rainfall is 300 mm per year.

Últimas noticias

Últimas noticias

For Farmers Farm, regenerative agriculture is not a new concept. These are agricultural practices that they have done all their lives, such as dunging, grazing their crops, irrigating naturally according to the rainfall or tending their own beehives.

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