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Maria Jose

María José has been sweetening the lives of family and friends with cakes and other sweet products for 25 years, but it was not until a friend gave her a chocolate bar with honey that she decided to set up her own workshop and turn her passion into a job alternative .

Advised by the prestigious pastry chefs of Palacios de Úbeda, María José professionally began the adventure of making artisanal chocolates, unique in flavor and in preparation. Its tablets are a frenzy of flavors: orange, mint, banana… and honey. Because this craftswoman is also a beekeeper, with twenty beehives under her care.

From her workshop in Pozo Alcón (Jaén), María José has perfected her skills as a master chocolatier by making rock chocolates, pearls and lollipops; mixtures with honeys of rosemary, orange blossom, thyme, eucalyptus, lavender and oak; liqueurs; candies, and jams.

Buying María José’s products is supporting an enterprising artisan who made chocolate her way of life.

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