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Mari Carmen

Mari Carmen’s story is that of many women from disadvantaged and depopulated rural areas. He lost his job and looked for a way to make a living to support his family.

Mari Carmen had never made cheese before, but she knew how to see the business opportunity in her own region, in Baza, where goat grazing is abundant but nobody processes their milk to make cheese.

After a specialization course to learn the artisanal production of cheese, Mari Carmen started with fresh cheese.

Little by little it has been increasing its facilities and investing in new specific machinery to be able to produce cured and semi-cured cheese.

Although the biggest investment is time. Mari Carmen lives 24 hours dedicated to the cheese factory. At 4 in the morning, he starts his day by preparing the milk with slow pasteurization, which then gives the cheese much more flavor. In the afternoon he packs and at night he distributes.

He is very encouraged to receive the opinions of clients, who know how to value the quality of Mari Carmen’s artisanal cheeses and therefore want to reach the final consumer directly.

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