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Regenerative agriculture

Julio took his first steps among his family’s walnut trees, on the banks of the Castril River. And it is these ecological walnut trees, which take almost half a century to grow, that he wants to leave to his children and grandchildren.

The field in El Peralejo is dotted with a hundred walnut trees, a regenerative cropwhich produce thousands of kilos of walnuts at each harvest in October. Julio’s walnuts are unique because the way they are grown is 100% organic, without the use of pesticides, only with organic fertilizers and with the flow of the Castril River as the only source of irrigation, making efficient use of the natural resources of the landscape.

In addition to its quality, the benefits of this dried fruit are well known: good for the mind and heart, a source of protein, fiber, antioxidants, minerals, vitamin B and vitamin E.

For Julio as a grower, it is the best crop in the world. And encourage everyone to try the nuts and support the project.

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For Farmers Farm, regenerative agriculture is not a new concept. These are agricultural practices that they have done all their lives, such as dunging, grazing their crops, irrigating naturally according to the rainfall or tending their own beehives.

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