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Juan emigrated from Bolivia and landed in Baúl (Granada). He changed country (continent!) but not cultivation. The pumpkins from his orchard were his livelihood, as is his small production in the Sierra de Baza.

He cultivates in a traditional way, as his father taught him, with organic fertilizer and without chemicals, which is why his pumpkins remain in perfect condition from one year to the next. Juan says that the reason is that it is a fruit “very grateful if it is not mistreated and kept in a cool and dry place”, but the secret is the care taken towards its plantation.

Why pumpkins? Juan defends that it is an essential ingredient for anyone who wants to eat healthy and delicious. He loves them! That is why he decided to continue in his host land with the cultivation that he had started in Bolivia. And above all, he wants to cultivate in the best way so that consumers can enjoy a quality product, just like Juan does.

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