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Welcome to Farmer's Farm

Jaime and Yoel

These two brothers from Bácor are second generation farmers, as they themselves say. Jaime and Yoel have taken over the 8,000 cherry trees that belonged to their parents in the 1990s and that now, after 32 years, are in their hands.

Cherries are their livelihood and that is why they live all year round taking care of their crop.

At harvest time, in May, they count on the help of some neighbors to pick the fruit one by one. Their processing is also very artisanal, selecting each cherry individually in order to sell only those of excellent quality.

Jaime and Yoel grow three cherry varieties: Burlat, Starking and Summit. With their unmistakable garnet color, rounded shape and succulent sweet flavor, the only thing that distinguishes them is their ripening period, which begins with Burlat cherries and is followed a fortnight later by Summit and Starking cherries.

Jaime and Yoel are proud to be able to continue their parents’ legacy and be farmers. From their small town of Accitano, they invite everyone to try this fruit that tastes like summer.

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