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The wood-fired oven and the special ability to treat the ingredients of the people who make them, make the canned food of the Esperanza Association a unique and delicious product.

Asociación Esperanza was created in 1993 by a group of volunteers and families to respond to the special needs of their children.

Today it is a non-profit organization with an immense social commitment. Its objective is to defend the confidentiality, dignity, respect and universality of people with functional diversity.

Among its projects is the special employment center “Integra”, in which one of the activities carried out by the very capable members of the Esperanza Association is the production of preserves.

Capers, tomatoes and peppers, among other local products, have served as an instrument of integration and insertion for these workers. Now they can live normally, according to the habits and customs of people their age.

Its history, ability to overcome, effort and commitment are the secret ingredients of these preserves. Thanks to which it is expected to expand the job offer in this special employment center and accommodate more people with functional diversity.

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