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Regenerative agriculture

Seeking the peace and tranquility of country life, Esmeralda embarked on the adventure of being a young farmer on a small farm in Benalúa de Guadix.

He was very interested in regenerative agriculture and the cultivation of organic peaches, a fruit that is very rare in his native Santo Domingo. There it is better known as peach and is usually prepared in syrup.

Esmeralda started with organic regenerative peach cultivation 5 years ago. She is in charge of all the work required by the peach trees throughout the year, such as pruning, watering, weeding and thinning.

But as well as harvesting top quality organic peaches, they also take care of the land on which they are grown. One of the practices of regenerative agriculture that Esmeralda carries out on her farm is the conservation of a vegetation cover that serves as a natural refuge for the pollinators of the peach trees, the bees.

The peach season comes in the summer months, from July to September, when she has the help of some friends to pick them.

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For Farmers Farm, regenerative agriculture is not a new concept. These are agricultural practices that they have done all their lives, such as dunging, grazing their crops, irrigating naturally according to the rainfall or tending their own beehives.

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