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Regenerative agriculture

In Murchas, a small corner of the Lecrin Valley with just over a hundred inhabitants, Enrique has inherited a farm of organic lemon trees from his grandfather.

Without help and with a lot of dedication, as much as it takes to work in the fields, Enrique manages an annual production of 7,000 kilos of Verna lemons through regenerative agriculture.

This citrus variety, believed to be a descendant of the Italian Monachello, is one of the most popular for juice preparation. Being larger in size than other varieties, a high percentage of juice can be extracted (around 40%). It is also characterized by having a juicy pulp with little acidity.

Enrique’s dream is to be able to live among organic lemon trees in the Lecrin Valley, taking care of this natural heritage as his grandparents and parents did before him.

That is why all its cultivation is based on regenerative agriculture and complies with recommended practices:
– Maintenance of a vegetation cover to promote water infiltration into the soil.
– Reinforcement with the incorporation of pruning residues as organic matter.
– Integration of native grazing, which increases biodiversity and also enriches the soil.
– Installation of beehives and preservation of a natural vegetation area to protect bees.

The dire economic situation that farmers are experiencing today forces him to have another job, but he is optimistic and trusts that little by little people will return to giving the food they eat the value they deserve. And it is at that moment when Enrique will have everything ready to take his lemons from Murchas home.

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For Farmers Farm, regenerative agriculture is not a new concept. These are agricultural practices that they have done all their lives, such as dunging, grazing their crops, irrigating naturally according to the rainfall or tending their own beehives.

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