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Regenerative agriculture

Eli has broken many prejudices and stereotypes as a woman, and since 2017 as a young farmer. After studying biology at the University of Almeria, he returned to Freila, his home village, where he decided to start organic pistachio cultivation through regenerative agriculture.

His farm is not very big, only 400 trees, but it requires a lot of work. With the help of his parents, Eli takes care of the organic pistachios, from blossoming in March to harvesting them by hand in October.

He has focused on a model of regenerative agriculture because his youth does not prevent him from being concerned about the future. Eli wants to return as many of the resources used in terms of soil, water and biodiversity to the land as possible. These are some of the regenerative agricultural practices it carries out:

– Maintenance of vegetation cover
– Composting with dried organic manure
– Incorporation of pruning waste
– Integration of livestock
– Rainfed crops
– Protection of a natural vegetation area for pollinating bees and their hives.

In line with its commitment to regenerative agriculture, the land is not tilled. Only the weeds are cleared and in the narrower areas Eli removes the grass in the traditional way, by hand.

On the other hand, although the plantation has a drip irrigation system, Eli tries to stimulate rainwater infiltration.

Pistachio pollination is completed in two phases, first by the males, of the Peter variety, and then by the females, of the Kerman variety. Pollen is transferred by the wind from male trees to female trees, there are 8 female trees for every male.

Like other rural youth who have made regenerative agriculture their way of life, Eli encourages everyone to try his organic pistachios at the Farmers Farm.

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For Farmers Farm, regenerative agriculture is not a new concept. These are agricultural practices that they have done all their lives, such as dunging, grazing their crops, irrigating naturally according to the rainfall or tending their own beehives.

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