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She has been a hairdresser, a butcher, a seamstress, but above all Carmen is a warrior! At 77 years old, she has found in crochet the best therapy for her osteoarthritis.

Their handmade bags are authentic works of art, until now treasures only reserved for family and friends.

Carmen was born in a farmhouse in Córdoba, but she soon moved to Baúl and has lived in this town since she was a child. As a young man he learned hairdressing, a job he has performed for more than 30 years. With her husband, she set up a butcher shop, which they ran for 15 years. Until he was widowed.

In such a difficult moment in her life, Carmen began to weave. And she found in crochet the best therapy against depression and the best medicine against arthritis.

She says that “packing her bags” relaxes her. And it is that you can see all the love that Carmen puts into each of her handmade baskets, you can see that they are woven by the hands of experience.

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