We are farmers and artisans from Granada with stories rooted in traditional, organic and sustainable agriculture. Through Farmer's Farm we want to deliver our products directly to the consumer, without intermediaries. In addition, we all aspire to contribute to the rural development of this region and value a production area rich in raw materials but depopulated and disadvantaged.

Farmer's Farm is the farm of the farmers that we open for you, to make it easier for you to have a healthy, ecological diet, with clean labels, without residues. And with sustainability as an added value, because our production is responsible and respectful of the environment.

Neither farmers market nor online supermarket You will be surprised to find only one product per category. And it is that Farmer's Farm wants to put each farmer and artisan, their history and the immense effort with which they carry out their harvest, at the forefront. A single product, yes, because it is unique and has its own name.

The farm at home

Farmer's Farm doesn't just serve as a sales channel for our farmers. It is a digital window so that the consumer can experience the daily life of each farmer and craftsman. So that when the product arrives at your home you will know what has happened in each of its production and harvesting phases.