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Olive oil ECO, properties

The word “olive” means “wonderful”. And when it comes to olive oil, that’s exactly what you get: a rich, flavourful liquid made from the pressed

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Vitamin orange for winter

Oranges, lemons, clementines and tangerines are winter fruits. The countryside gives us these delicacies so that we can take care of ourselves in the coldest

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Packaging sostenible

Sustainable packaging

Sustainability is a transversal value at Granja de los Granjeros. It extends from the root, from the regenerative crops and organic products themselves, to the

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Premios agro

Socially responsible

Neither a farmers’ market nor a food marketplace, La Granja de los Granjeros is, above all, a social project for farmers and artisans from the

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Small super farmers!

Small producers… Big farmers! Behind every Farmers Farm product there is a story of effort and self-improvement, of craftsmanship, of passion for the countryside. Behind

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