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behind the price

What is behind the price of a product in Farmer’s Farm ? A story of effort, courage, commitment, sustainability and fair trade.

Many farmers and artisans have stepped forward to close the gap created by selling to middlemen, not only because of the iniquitous profit they receive, but also because of the devaluation of their product (which is nothing more or less than the fruit of his work and his life).

Giving these farmers and artisans, who live in depopulated and disadvantaged areas, the opportunity to Selling your product at a fair price is the most powerful reason for this project. Because they cannot compete with products that come from far away at prices below the cost of production.

Anita La Cortijera, godmother of the project

Products with their own name

In the farmers’ farm, each producer and artisan is put in the forefront, their history and the immense effort with which they carry out their harvest. A single product, yes, because it is unique and has its own name.

The production is completely handmade and based on traditional agricultural models, where the human factor and knowledge of the environment is the most important. For this reason many products are “limited edition”, small quantity and only in season.

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Buying at Farmer’s Farm is enjoying local shopping, even if the producer is from Baza and the consumer lives in Germany (shipments are made throughout Europe). How? Because the sale is the same as in the old grocery stores, where the shopkeeper and the customer have always known each other. Farmer’s Farm is a digital space for producers and customers to meet and live day to day on the farm. In addition, each sale helps develop the social economy of the area.

sustainable products

Another great advantage of this fair trade online market is sustainability, rooted so much in the crops themselves and in the logistics chain.

On the one hand, the farmers follow traditional, organic and ecological farming models, which result in a high-quality product with a clean label. In addition, Farmer’s Farm ensures that the shipping process is as efficient as possible and leaves as little environmental footprint as possible.

Zero waste products

88 million tons of food are wasted every year in Europe, 20% of all food produced. How many times in a supermarket have you passed by a product with superficial defects, despite being in perfect condition…

In 2015, the United Nations launched the 2030 Agenda with 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), among which is the prevention of food waste. There is a deadline to achieve #ZeroWaste.

At Farmer’s Farm we promote conscious consumption, that is, buying with criteria, favoring the local economy and choosing goods with low environmental impact, and buying less, dispensing with superfluous consumption, giving value to what we already have.

Oscar Wilde wrote that “man knows the price of everything but the value of nothing”. Not the case with Farmer’s Farm , where you can meet our farmers and artisans before the price.

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