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Barter or PayPal?

Let the payment method not be a problem to fill your shopping basket at the Farmers Farm. We’ve added PayPal to the payment options, plus credit or debit card, Bizum and bank transfer… is bartering next?

Not at the moment, but did you know that it was precisely transactions between early Stone Age farmers that gave rise to barter? Farmers Farmers Farm is always trying to update a millenary activity such as agriculture, either with new techniques to work the fields or with new means such as this online platform for direct sales between farmer and buyer.

As an e-commerce we want to make the purchasing process as simple and fast as possible. But, above all, safe. That is why all our payment methods are verified and governed by the PSD2 directive, the main new feature of which is the introduction of Strong Customer Authentication.

Payment methods at Farmers Farm

Let’s start with the latest to be added to our payment options: PayPal. How does it work? Once you have added all the products to your basket and filled in your personal details on the checkout form, selecting PayPal will display several buttons from which you can choose to pay on the spot or in instalments. You will need to authenticate as a customer and for that you will need to be registered with PayPal. You will continue with the payment process from your account and once completed, you will receive an order confirmation email. Easy!

For credit or debit card purchases we use Redsys as a payment gateway. The system is very similar to PayPal. Once your personal details and the order summary are correct, you will be redirected to a screen where you will have to enter your card number, expiry date and CVV. When the payment has been successfully processed you will also receive a confirmation email.

By Bizum the payment is made to the Farmers Farm telephone number (+34) 676 483 104. We receive the amount of your purchase immediately and we quickly start preparing your box with the best of our harvest.

And to make your purchase by bank transfer we will give you an account number to which you can make the payment, indicating the order number as a reference. Please note that we will not be able to process your order until we have received your payment.

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What are the advantages of online shopping at Farmers Farm?

The most important is direct trade, without intermediaries. This allows us to achieve a fair price for farmers, as the exorbitant margins added by distributors and supermarkets disappear.

With an extra benefit: convenience for both parties. We reach all over the world, from the field to your table. The buyer will know at all times how the product he consumes has been grown, because the relationship with the farmer is also direct. At Farmers Farm we put every farmer and craftsman, their story and the immense effort with which they bring their harvest to fruition, at the forefront. Only one product per category, because it is as unique as the person who produces it #ProductosConNombrePropio.

Furthermore, shopping at Farmers Farm is to participate in a social project that seeks the sustainable development of the Altiplano de Granada, a rural area classified by the European Union as depopulated and disadvantaged. Together we aspire to improve our county.

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