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An award-winning farmer

Anita la Cortijera, godmother and member of the Farmers Farm social project, has been awarded as Rural Woman 2022 for her defence of life in the countryside and her work to make the role of women in the rural world more visible.

A woman, young and a farmer. Ana Martos, better known as Anita La Cortijera, relies on her influence in social networks to stand up for these groups in the rural world that are so discriminated against. In her firm defence of the agricultural sector, she does not hesitate to get involved in social projects such as Farmers Farm, whose objectives are aligned with giving value to farmers, artisans and all rural people who work in the countryside.

For this work, she has been highlighted in the “Women’s Initiative” category in the XVI Andalusian Agriculture and Fisheries Awards granted by the Andalusian Regional Government. The institution recognises her active role in “disseminating life in the countryside as an influencer and her commitment to making the work of women in the sector visible on social networks”.

Anita is a person of integrity and commitment, with a fighting attitude, who does not hesitate to give a voice to rural workers who are having a hard time. This summer, for example, together with the other Farmers Farmers, she launched the SOS Farmers campaign to demand fair prices for small producers of seasonal fruit and vegetables, such as watermelons.

She also advocates for a more sustainable and socially responsible primary sector and, of course, empowering rural women, being one of its most famous representatives in social networks.

Stories like that of Anita La Cortijera are the raison for the Farmers Farm social project. Lives dedicated to working in the fields, people committed to their land, products with their own name. And, in addition to linking each of these stories with a quality organic and ecological product, at Farmers Farm the concept of sustainability extends to the environment, supporting small producers whose crops are based on regenerative agriculture. And we promote direct trade without intermediaries, from the farm to the table, as a solution to the price speculation by intermediaries that ruins farmers and livestock farmers.

The jury of this edition of the Andalusian Agriculture and Fisheries Awards have also recognised the work of other professionals and companies that this year have played an outstanding role in the agricultural and fisheries field in 2021. From Farmers Farm we would like to congratulate Mar Villalobos, reporter of the RTVE programme Aquí la Tierra ,and winner of the “Communication and the Rural World” award; Manuel Vizcaíno, winner in the “Water Sustainability” category; Antonio Vergel Román and the San Isidro Provincial Agricultural and Livestock Cooperative, who this year share the “Agriculture” award; Cultivos Piscícolas de Barbate for the “Fisheries” award; Avomix in the “Innovative Initiative” category; and the Sociedad Cooperativa Andaluza Campo de Tejada for the “Quality Promotion” award.

All these award winners, young farmers like Anita La Cortijera and social projects like Farmers Farm have a very clear common goal: to continue working to improve the living and working conditions of more people in the rural world.

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